Friday, 16 September 2011


I never had a dad
To worry about who I date
To dislike the random guy tryna take his place
To protect me in that way
To warn me of the perils of his kind
To snatch out the thoughts of laying with that guy
I never had a dad
Who loved me more than his emotional attachment
Who’s ‘I love you’ turned into action
I never had that
 I thought I would never miss it
But in hindsight
I needed it
Needed that firm look,
That sentimental smile that
Awkward ‘so is there any guy’ type convo
To reassure me
That relationships with men
Go beyond the physical
Surpass the natural and have consequences
I never knew that
I never knew that man whom I looked up to
Who was the standard for all who dared to approach
The one in whom my heart could boast
Of His patience, His character, His hugs
But I did have a dad
Who rarely fulfilled his role
Who loved with his words
And not forgetting his cash
I knew a stranger in him.
And a familiar one at that.
I never had a dad
Until I knew a Father
Loved me beyond my selfishness
who sacrificed all that was
 to lavish his love upon ME
I never had a Dad until
God himself saved me
And now I long to know my Dad

(God is that personal) (I hope this first draft encourages hearts. There is hope in God to restore a broken heart.)


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

The final chapter: What's Your Definition of it?

What’s your definition of it?
It’s not round, cuddly and bunches of it.
It’s beautiful hard work.
Modelled and reflectant of Christ.
God's character. In the midst of teddybears.
It is the route of redemption.
The scent of perfection.
It is the way by which men know life.
It is what is it is.
He is the very essence of it.
Contrary to popular belief, song and television documentaries.
It is not, a hole you accidently fall into,
or a feeling that you one day dropped. Lost.
It is not.
Involved in the twisted perception sung, acted and meditated upon by masses.
It's not a can't catch it.
It is HIM, the two are inseparable.
He makes it what it is.
If you don’t know Him it’s likely you don’t know it.
Can't accurately define it.
It is the sensation of nails being torn through flesh. Hands.
The knowledge of man's sin and still declares I am that I am. Unchanging.
It is the I am going to serve you anyway.
Regardless of your appreciate of lack there of.
It is not based on reputation but reflectant of what I have been saved from.
LOVE. Works. hard.
And doesn't cease. 
In and out of season, through the riots and the peace.
It trust, hopes and looks to the unseen.
The heavenly things. Filled with joy by the strength of the Lord.
Godly love works.
And that we must applaud.

This is my offering. 
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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day Three: Chapter Three : Has Anyone Seen Love?

I been standing in the Church with my knees below the dirt,
Paid Tithes,
prayed Christ,
please show me I've got worth,
Because they tell me that I'm saved but your Gospel's kinda changed,
Judas is on the pulpit and Peter don't mind denying you,
Sorry I lied,
Caesar’s still on the pulpit giving everyone a right to choose,
And it's no longer Clear because everyone is ‘repping you’,
So they tell me Jesus is Love and Love is in the Church,
but every time I walk away there's one thing that I learn,
Your people claim to be your people but they don't care about the people,
so How do you claim you Love an Invisible King,
But can't even be there for His Visible friends,
so I'm standing in the dust with my stick inside the mud,
writing out "Has anybody seen Love?",

Apparently the hood don't really love me, and my friends are seen as worldly,
but as worldly as they are there's a number that would take a bullet for me,
and that ain’ t metaphorical,
family that's the life,
it's not egotistic or pride,
growing up knowing one day you’re gonna die,
But all many care about is wealth, health and a long life
sometimes it feels like they don't believe Christians should die,
like Martyrs are just a youtube vid and even though they’re someone who loved the Christ,
We’re content with this Gospel that only leads to an earthly paradise,
 feels like everyman for themselves that's why I haven't seen my pastor or any1 from my 1st church in a long time,
and the hood are moving snakey too,
they set my lil' man up n now he's serving 2(years)
so I look left to the church and see some people that couldn't hack the hood, Rapping like they were on it but really they only gospel Mc's because they were fully shook,
then I look to the hood and see uncertainty in how they look,
so I'm standing in the dust with my stick inside the mud, writing out "Has anybody seen Love?"

And it feels like everyone can point out a scripture for this thing called Love,
n everyone else can tell me put your faith in this King they trust,
and I'm sick of using all His people as excuses,
but if this Word is where the truth is,
besides the old school grammar and the new wardrobe I'm going to have to be up n ruthless,
just a Bunch of Re-Quoting part-time happy people that if it came down to life or death, 30 gold cold coins all I can see are Pharisees with Judas,
 Everyone will let me down one day or another,
but crying to yourself ain’ t gonna change the way you suffer, so as many time as you’re standing in the dust with your stick inside the mud, writing out "Has anybody seen Love?". . .
You need to Look at how you Live, forget others n think about what YOU give, because as much as people turn their back on u for the way you live,
you can show love no matter what you receive,

so next time you’re standing in the dust with your stick inside the mud, 
WRITE out "Does anybody Need Love?" - Make the Difference. 

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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Day Two: Chapter Two- What I've Never Known


I've never known religion
Religion that hangs over my head
Its tendrils curling around my throat
To choke and inhibit my mind and my freedom
I've never known that religion
That brings you to your knees
And keeps you there groveling
Through a dirt path
Bloody shins and ragged kneecaps
Fingernails encaked with mud
Lips coated with dust
I've never known that religion
That lines you up before men
Stripping you of your intellectual dignity
Peeling back the skin on your forearms
For unbearable scrutiny
A religion built on whispers
And crooked humanity
And lying tongues
And mute justice
I have never known that religion that I see people dancing to
Like they're treading over eggshells made of hot coals
That unpleasable deity
Who draws blood from yourself and your children
That comes out of its idol or painting
And strangles you with its bare hands
That religion where women's backs are bent by burdens
That belong to their fathers, brothers, husbands and uncles
Where men are stretched flat by expectations
And little girls are foot bound, wing clipped and kept inside
And little boys flogged with strips of manhood and other people's pride
I have never known that religion
That binds a family together until they are bleeding
The rough twine of words cutting through dermis and bone
A barbed wire fence around individual rooms in each home
A married couple lying in a bed
Three thousand worlds apart
I will never know that religion

But what I do know is love
A love that fashioned diamonds from dirt
Cradled carefully in The Maker's hand
The Creator's breath soft against the surfaces
A love that chased across ages to offer a solution and reconciliation
A love whose heart broke at the distance between two that were once beating in symphony
A love that stretched out its only son fastened taut to a tree
A love that sacrificed itself and told wrath "not them! take me!"
A love that beat down my stone door
And gave me multiple chances
A love that never fails, always prevails
A love that's liberty, grace and dancing
A love that is just and unyielding
A weapon and a shield
A love that lasts steadfast
In its surety and strength
A love that is shown
In a million and ones ways
Holding my gaze
Consuming my attention

This is all I know of love and religion.
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Monday, 25 July 2011

Day One: Chapter One ; Love According to Azzie

This is a piece written by a dear young sister and friend of mine.
The aim of this series is to shed some light on what Love really is. More than Words.
From many angles with one perspective.

Love According to Azzie

Like A Body Needs Water
Like A Plant Needs The Sun
As My Soul Needs Love 
As The Stars In The Sky 
As The Jewel On A Necklace 
As The Tick Of A Clock
As The Sand On A Beach 
Does My Heart Need Love 
Captivated With Desire
Love I Did Not Know
This Feeling
This Warmth
This Truth
This Eros
Bind Together
Not By Marriage
Not By Friendship 
Nor By Nature
Only By Jesus
An Act Of Love 
Not For A Worthy Person 
Never For A Gracious One
But So Much So For A Sinner
A Liar 
An Adulterer 
For You And Me 
So Like The Setting Of The Sun 
And The Falling Of A Tide
The Delight Found Not In Lies
Because I Found A Love I Did Not Know
A Love Only His Children Know
A Love I Desire For You To Know 
From Jesus 
God Is Love !

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Tomorrow God willing will showcase  another angle. TBC

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Love Series

 Hey guys!

'The Love Series'. Begins. Today.
Five days, five poems from five different poets. I look forward to sharing them with you all!

Later on today the first post will be up!

Until then... Enjoy!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Begin with the End [lol]

 So this is my first blog post...ever! And from my observations of a few others, the first blog is either really intense or really erm,well... light. I have no clue as to which category this one (or future blogs) will fit, but enjoy what is to come as this blog is naturally coming to-an-end.

Welcome to Stating the Obvious From a Distance [Thought processes,challenges and ponderings galore to follow]

Jesus Lives, Gives Life & Sustains